Fincalia SL started as a project in 1999 to set up an exclusively property management service office.

Throughout these years we have adopted us according to the needs of communities of owners and the current times: continuous refresher courses and training, cutting edge computer systems, new communication systems with the neighbors, etc.

Our Boardroom with a capacity for up to 50 persons is an ideal place to debate and make inquiries about any possible doubts during the Assemblies.

But above all, the basis of our success is our PROFESSIONAL TEAM, both our own highly qualified team in each area, as well as the various repairers serving the communities.

Our operation area guarantees a rapid response from both our own property administrator office employees and repairers to the Community of owners.

Mª Trinidad Sánchez Galián


+34 968 334 614

Cristina Sanmartín

Att. Cliente


+34 968 334 614

Daniel Carton

+34 968 334 614

Mª Carmen Sánchez

Responsible for the Commercial area.

She has a Diploma in Labor Relations from the University of Murcia.

She is a former director of Banco Santander.

She speaks English

+34 968 334 614

Severine Pottier Moland.

+34 968 334 614

Raquel Fructuoso Martinez




+34 968 334 614